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Partnership for quality,
safety and access to care
Promoting safety and access to quality care

Founded in 2019, the Northwest Kidney Council is as a coalition supporting patient advocates, health care professionals, care providers and researchers committed to shaping smart policy for individuals battling kidney disease in the Northwest.

RSVP TODAY: Kidney Transplants in the Northwest

Kidney transplantation, a crucial aspect of kidney care, presents both significant opportunities and complex obstacles. Understanding the intricacies of the transplant process, from the waiting list to compatibility matching, is essential in navigating this critical landscape.


Join us for our next Council Conversation: Kidney Transplants in the Northwest: Navigating Challenges and Innovations on June 27th at 12 pm (PT) (virtual).

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Staying Cool + Hydrated 1.png

Staying Cool and Hydrated: Essential Tips for End Stage Renal Disease Patients

Stay hydrated this summer! For ESRD patients, managing fluids is crucial for health. Learn more about kidney function and tips for safe hydration.

Addressing Health Disparities: The Impact of LGBTQIA+ Inequities on Kidney Disease Outcomes

With 1 in 3 U.S. adults at risk for kidney disease, early diagnosis and preventative care are essential. But a study by the American Heart Association discovered that more than 50% of LGBTQIA+ people experience some form of health care discrimination. If more members of the LGBTQIA+ community are deterred from seeking health care, they miss out on testing for kidney disease and its risk factors, such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

Addressing Health Disparities The Impact of LGBTQIA+ Inequities on Kidney Disease Outcomes

Our Partners

We can't do this work alone. The Northwest Kidney Council is grateful to have so many partners throughout the Pacific Northwest aligned with our mission to advance access to kidney care. 

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