District Fact Sheets

As part of our efforts to educate policymakers on the challenges people with kidney disease face in order to advocate to ensure patients have access to safe, high-quality care, we have developed the following District Fact Sheets to educate elected officials in Oregon and Washington about the impact kidney disease has on their communities. 


Oregon Fact Sheets

Want information for a district not listed below? Email info@nwkidneycouncil.org

Oregon State Senate Health Care Committee

Sen. Lee Beyer (District 6)

Sen. Bill Kennemer​​​ (District 20)

Sen. Dennis Linthicum (District 28)

Sen. James I. Manning Jr. (District 7)

Sen. Deb Patterson (District 10)

Oregon State Senate Leadership 

Senate President: Sen. Peter Courtney (District 11)

Senate Majority Leader: Sen. Rob Wagner (District 19)

Senate Minority Leader: Sen. Tim Knopp (District 27)

Oregon State House Health Care Committee

Rep. Teresa Alonso Leon (District 22)
Rep. Wlnsvey Campos (District 28)
Rep. Maxine Dexter (District 33)
Rep. Cedric Hayden (District 7)
Rep. Raquel Moore-Green (District 19)

Rep. Ron Noble (District 24)** 

Rep. Rachel Prusak (District 37)** 

Rep. Andrea Salinas (District 38)** 

Rep. Sheri Schouten (District 27)** 

Rep. Suzanne Weber (District 32)**

Oregon State House Leadership 

Speaker of the House: Rep. Dan Rayfield (District 16)

House Majority Leader: Rep. Julie Fahey (District 14)

House Minority Leader: Rep. Vikki Breese-Iverson (District 55)


Washington Fact Sheets

Coming Soon!