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Addressing Oregon's nurse staffing shortage

SB 227 is a bipartisan bill in Oregon that would allow limited licensure to nurses and nurse assistants from other jurisdictions during emergencies declared by the governor.

With our mission -- to ensure that all patients with kidney disease receive high quality care and that treatment is accessible to all -- in mind, the Northwest Kidney Council believes this legislation would be of great benefit to patients with kidney disease in Oregon for a number of reasons.

The more than 9,000 Oregonians living with end stage renal disease require specialized care from providers with expertise in dialysis and other areas of kidney disease treatment. For many reasons, there is a shortage of nurses in Oregon, which can make it difficult for providers to adequately staff treatment centers. SB 227 would help address this shortage by allowing nurses licensed in other states to provide care in Oregon under a limited license.

This bill would help ensure that patients with kidney disease receive the highest quality of care possible. By expanding the pool of qualified nurses who can provide care in Oregon, SB 227 would help improve the health outcomes of patients with kidney disease.

We encourage the House to pass the bill in the same bipartisan manner as the Senate, to help ensure that patients with kidney disease in Oregon have access to the specialized care they need.


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