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Celebrating Nephrology Nurses Week 2023

From September 10th to 16th, the Northwest Kidney Council joins our partners and patients to commemorate the vital contributions of nephrology nurses within our healthcare system.

Nephrology nurses are the unsung heroes of kidney care, providing invaluable support and compassion to those with kidney disease. These providers are true experts in the field of kidney health, continually ensuring that they provide the most effective treatments and interventions to kidney patients.

Nephrology nurses serve as fierce advocates for their patients. They ensure that individual needs and concerns are addressed, advocating for their well-being within a very complex healthcare system. They empower patients and their families with essential knowledge about kidney health, treatment options, and lifestyle adjustments.

And most importantly, in critical situations like dialysis, nephrology nurses are there to ensure patients' safety and comfort during treatments. Their vigilance can be lifesaving.

During Nephrology Nurses Week, let's take a moment to extend our gratitude to these remarkable individuals who have devoted their careers to the service of others.

The entire team at the Northwest Kidney Council extends our heartfelt appreciation to these kidney heroes. Their work every day significantly improves the lives of our kidney community.


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