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Governors of Oregon & Washington Proclaim March 2024 as Kidney Month

The Northwest Kidney Council is thrilled to extend its heartfelt appreciation to Governor Tina Kotek of Oregon and Governor Jay Inslee of Washington for their proactive steps in proclaiming March as Kidney Month in their respective states.

This declaration is not just a symbolic gesture; it's a vital acknowledgment of the importance of kidney health and the ongoing efforts to raise awareness, support patients, and advance research in combating kidney disease.

In the Pacific Northwest, the impact of kidney disease is significant, making it crucial for leaders like Governor Kotek and Governor Inslee to prioritize initiatives that promote kidney health and support those affected by this condition. By officially designating March as Kidney Month, both governors have demonstrated their commitment to improving the lives of individuals with kidney disease and their families.

Together, we can promote education about risk factors and prevention strategies, and advocate for policies that support access to quality care for all individuals affected by kidney disease.

While we celebrate Kidney Month every March, it's imperative to continue to build momentum and foster collaboration across communities all year long. But these proclamations serve as a powerful reminder of the importance of prioritizing kidney health and underscores our collective responsibility to support individuals affected by kidney disease.


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