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Happy World Kidney Day!

Today, March 14th, 2024, marks a significant day – World Kidney Day! A day that holds special meaning for us at the Northwest Kidney Council, where the spirit of World Kidney Day is felt every day. As we engage in this yearly celebration, we reflect to ensure that our actions speak louder than words. Today, we proudly embrace the symbolic color of Kidney Disease Awareness – by wearing GREEN! 

In the wake of our recent legislative endeavors in Washington and Oregon, we've witnessed positive strides that fuel our advocacy work on behalf of the kidney community. Conversations in Salem and Olympia have set a momentum resonating across the region, fostering legislative advancements for improved outcomes and access for those affected by kidney disease this year and beyond. In a display of unity, it's worth noting that both Washington Governor Jay Inslee and Oregon Governor Tina Kotek have declared March as Kidney Month in our states. 


Our advocacy work in the kidney community is grounded in facts and data. As of 2023, 13,792 Washingtonians and 7,464 Oregonians are grappling with End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD). These figures emphasize the critical need for our continued efforts, as more individuals are diagnosed each year, progressing towards dialysis or transplant. We extend our gratitude to our partners at the American Kidney Fund for producing up-to-date information on kidney patient populations across the country. 


So, on this World Kidney Day, let's not just speak about kidney health; let's celebrate it by taking action. Explore our resources page for deeper insights into the challenges faced by kidney patients, encourage your loved ones to undergo testing, adopt kidney-friendly lifestyle changes, and spread awareness – because even small actions can have a profound impact on safeguarding these vital organs. 


From the entire Northwest Kidney Council team, Happy World Kidney Day! The journey persists, but let's pause for a moment to acknowledge the progress we're achieving together. 


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